CSA Contact Number

CSA Contact Number 0843 455 0070

New Claims Call The Child Maintenance Options 0843 455 0030

Child Maintenance Service 0843 455 0070

This is the main CSA contact number for all of you child maintenance questions. General support and help can be given after we establish your who you say you are, so have you national insurance number available when you call the CSA contact Number.

The Child Maintenance Service 0843 455 0070

Existing cases call your local office from the list below

For existing cases you must call your local CSA office.

Areas Contact Numbers
Belfast (East England) 0843 455 0072
Birkenhead (North West England) 0843 455 0073
Dudley (The Midlands) 0843 455 0074
Falkirk (Scotland & North East England) 0843 455 0071
Hastings (South East England) 0843 455 0075
Plymouth (South West England) 0843 455 0076

What is the CSA (Child Support Agency)?

As a parent in the UK, you are required to provide for your family regardless of the arrangement. That means you should cater for the daily needs of your family especially your children until they are old enough to start living by themselves or until they attain 16 years of age. Let’s face it. As much as two people love each other, there comes a time when you have to separate. This is usually as a result of irreconcilable differences. Thankfully, the government has stepped forward and ensured that child support is provided by parents who have separated from one another to ensure the children have a good life. This is provided under the Child Support Act of 1991.

What is child maintenance?

This refers to reliable financial support provided towards the upkeep of a child. The funds are used to cover the daily living costs of a child which includes clothing, food, entertainment and schooling. Although parents are required by law in the UK to provide child support, they can develop their own child support agreements.

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Who is responsible for child support?
Under the UK law, the following persons are responsible for child support:

l The adoptive parent
l The biological parent
l The legal parent in case where fertility treatment or donor insemination has occurred
l The legal parent in case of surrogacy
l The friend or relative who provides or has been providing daily care for at least 104 days in a year

What is Child Support Act?

The need to have a proper mechanism of disbursing child support payments started way back in the 80s when the UK started facing rising public expenditure issues especially on social security benefits given out to single parents. At the time, statistics indicated that the number of single parents in the workforce was declining. That is not all. The dissatisfaction with the current system at the time in regards to the collection of child support also spearheaded the enactment of the Child Support Act of 1991.

CSA has become an important component as it has helped to combat the problem of parents who refuse to provide for their children financially. The law states very clearly. All parents whether separated or divorced have a legal responsibility of providing for their children financially.

The Child Support Agency was established in 1993 but after decades of negative criticism from the media and the public, the new government decided to change the agency. This led to the formation of a new child maintenance scheme. The new agency – Child Maintenance Service - was founded in 2012 and today, it’s mandated with the responsibility of managing all services pertaining to Child Maintenance.

How CSA works

Before any funds are disbursed, CSA must calculate the child support amounts. To come up with the correct value, the agency must collect information about the non-resident parents. For instance, they must know how much the non-resident parent is earning, the number of children to be supported, the number of times the child lives with the non-resident parent and the number of other children getting child support from the non-resident parent.

It is important to understand that child support amounts are usually not entirely based on the income of the non-resident parent alone but it’s based on the idea that the parent is required to provide a certain percentage of their income towards child support.

Normally, the child maintenance agency collects the information from both parents. Afterwards, the net is extended to employers and HM Revenue and Customs among others. Once the final amount has been calculated, it will be communicated to the non-resident parent. The non-resident parent will be required to communicate with the agency in case they disagree with the amount.

Types of Child Maintenance Services

Using Direct Pay, the Child Support Agency now Child Maintenance Service will arrange payment with the non-resident parent. Usually, a £20 fee is charged for using the service. Additional costs may be incurred.

Collect and Pay is another option where CMS calculates the amount to be paid, collects the money from the non-resident parent and disburses it to the other parent. This service is available at a higher cost.

A court ordered arrangement is the last option and is usually used where higher expenses are incurred, where the resident parent is receiving little or no support and where the resident parent has been unable to formulate a family based arrangement with the non paying parent. In this case, a court usually intervenes. As a result, court costs and lawyer fees will be incurred.

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Other Services Offered by Child Maintenance Service

l Has the mandate of sorting out disagreements especially when it comes to parents
l Helps to arrange the payment of child support
l Helps to locate the non-resident payment to help sort out child maintenance
l Helps to review the payments and income level of the non-resident parent when it comes to adjusting the child support payments
l Takes action when the non-resident parent does not remit child support payments

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CSA General Contact Number.
CSA Contact Number 0843 455 0070.

By post:
PO Box 30,
Child Support Agency CSA National Helpline,
PO Box 55,
Brierley Hill,
B99 1DW.

Child Maintenance Service adviceline 0843 455 0030.

Lines are open Monday to Friday 8.00 am to 8.00 pm, Saturday 9.00 am to 5.00 pm.